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Past Red Shows


Red a Tribute to Sammy Hagar with Special guests AZ/DZ a Tribute to AC/DC and Decade of Decadance a Tribute to Motley Crue at Pops Copncert Venue.

Red a Tribute to Sammy Hagar at the Trainwreck Saloon in Westport.




        Hey RED HEADS!!

The Summer is in full swing now and we hope you have had an Awesome time so far.  Stay tuned for some upcoming announcements.  We are working hard to improve our show and make your party experience with RED a memorable event.  


       SEE YOU SOON!!!!!



         Testimonial letter from Mark and Jeannie




Mark and Jeannie Eitelgeorge                                                                                                                                                     

June 24, 2014


Dear Bobby, Eddie, Paul, Wayne and Tom,


I’m not sure how to start this letter to thank you for coming to California and playing at our party.  I can’t put into words how much fun we had, how much we appreciated your contribution to our celebration, and especially what a pleasure it was getting to know you guys.  Ever since your performance, Jeannie and I have received numerous phone calls and text messages with compliments as to what a great time everyone had, what great musicians you are and how everyone absolutely loved the music.  If I had a nickel for every time I have heard “Where did you find these guys?” or “That was the best party ever!” I would have a lot of nickels!


As you recall, the whole wild-ass idea of having you guys play at our party started about a year ago over drinks with some close friends, as most great ideas do.  It took some guts and imagination to pursue this, but I’m glad we did.  I am so appreciative that when I emailed Bobby about the possibility of playing in California, you didn’t think it was too crazy. 


The best part about the party was how much more fun you made it.  Your website says that your band is not one that is trying to be Sammy Hagar, but one that is trying to create the same type of atmosphere that you would find at a Sammy Hagar concert.  Well, you guys certainly did that.  It was truly about us and the Sammy-type of party.  It was every bit as good an experience as any of the 20+ Sammy shows that I’ve seen, and that’s saying something because we love Sammy’s shows!  And I know our guests felt the same way since nearly everyone, young and old, stayed to the very end - even those whom I was certain would leave early.


You guys are true professionals and great musicians: well-rehearsed, flexible, versatile, and you followed through with everything we discussed prior to the party.  Things could not have gone better.  Thank you for sharing your talents with us.


As I mentioned before, if I can ever do anything to help further your endeavors or lend a hand with anything, please do not hesitate to contact me.  We really enjoyed meeting you all, hope to keep in touch and see you all again very soon. 

Very truly yours,


Mark and Jeannie Eitelgeorge

Piqua Bikefest presents RED a Tribute to Sammy Hagar.  Friday Night headliner

Red a Tribute to Sammy Hagar at Pop's Concert Venue with Special Guest Capone The Mid West Premier Hair Band.

Red a Tribute to Sammy at The Limelight Eventplex in Peoria IL

The Cabo before you Wabo Show at POP's Concert Venue on Thanksgiving Eve

Mark and Jeannie Eitelgeorge

Birthday Bash in San Francisco. 

Red - A Tribute to Sammy Hagar Rocks the Alton Belle Music Hall

Red - A Tribute to Sammy Hagar with Fallen Angel - A Tribute to Poison and Gone Country - All new Country Music at Pop's Concert Venue

Scotty Carrizales & Tonya Allen Carrizales Wedding Party with Special Guest Aaron Hagar

Red - A Tribute to Sammy Hagar and Mean Street - A Tribute to Van Halen @ Pop's Concert Venue The Best of Both Worlds Show

Woodson Terrace Days presents Red A Tribute to Sammy Hagar

Pop's Concert Venue Presents RED A Tribute to Sammy Hagar with special guests Burning Sky a Tribute to Bad Company

House of Rock Cinco De Mayo Party an Evening with RED A Tribute to Sammy Hagar

House of Rock Presents RED A Tribute to Sammy Hagar with Special Guests White Noise

House of Rock Red A Tribute to Sammy Hagar opening for Savage Ammusment

Debut performance of RED A Tribute to Sammy Hagar at House of Rock opening for Conquest


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